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2018 Truck Drivers Needed. Commercial Drivers Shortage.

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CDL Driver Shortage Created With Low Unemployment.Midwest, USA. — The U.S. unemployment rate is below 4 percent right now. In many states that number is considerably lower. The low unemployment rate is great for the economy but is creating havoc for the Trucking Industry looking for Truck Drivers and jobs

Congress Contemplating Decreasing the Age Requirement for Truck Drivers.


Nationwide Scarcity within the Trucking Business Congress contemplating decreasing the age requirement for truck drivers.For millennials and generation X a whole new job opportunity is a very real possibility if the proposed legislation passes congress. Current commercial vehicle federal laws mandate that a person must be over the age of 21

Commercial Driver Drug Testing

Commercial Driver Drug Testing

One week previous to the U.S. Division of Transportation's announcement that it's including opioids to business driver drug testing, scholar transporters acquired the newest info outlining new federal mandates for entry-level faculty bus driver coaching.The update on business driver drug testing was introduced on Tuesday. The DOT defined that as of

Trucking Alliance Pulls for Hair-Testing

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J.B Hunt is among the many member corporations of the Trucking Alliance searching for an exemption to allow them to conduct hair-testing for pre-employment drug testing of driver applicants. Picture: DrivewyzeThe Alliance for Driver Security & Safety (a.k.a. “Trucking Alliance”) has submitted a set of detailed feedback to the Federal Motor Carrier

California CDL License

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California CDL Permit (CLP) COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE TESTING AND COMMERCIAL LEARNER’S PERMIT STANDARDS (Released 6/2015)The following federal standards for commercial driver license (CDL) knowledge and skills testing and the issuance of commercial learner’s permits (CLP) are effective July 8, 2015.1. An applicant must be 18 years of age to obtain a CLP. [Federal

Arizona CDL License

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Arizona CDL License The Arizona commercial driver license (Arizona CDL License) originated from the Business Motor Car Safety Act of 1986. The act is a National act to make sure that solely certified drivers obtain and preserve a CDL and to take away dangerous and unqualified drivers from roadways.The Motor Automobile

How to Get a School Bus License

Picture of a School Bus

Thinking About A School Bus License If you think of becoming a school bus driver and you hope that this part-time job will help you gain some extra money, then you have to get a school bus license. Many of the school bus driver jobs require you to work only two

CDL Practice Test License

Students CDL Practice Test

CDL Practice Test License Are you wondering whether a CDL practice test can help you or not? Because of the law, it is impossible for a person to drive a commercial vehicle without a commercial driver’s license.If you have always thought of pumping up your business or career by getting your