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CDL Pre-Trip Inspection

Man performing a pre-trip inspection

Important CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist The most difficult part of getting a commercial driver license is the CDL pre-trip inspection test. During it, you will be tested to determine if you can appreciate whether your vehicle is safe to drive. The examiner will ask you questions about the following vehicle components: Tires When asked

No Time to Attend a CDL School?

CDL School Semi

 CDL School Worth It? One can always attend a CDL school so he can prep himself up for the commercial driver’s license test. But of course, not everyone has the time to attend such schools. Aside from the matter of time, money is also a big consideration. If you do not

Class A CDL License – Nice Career.

Class A CDL License

Class A CDL License Getting a class A CDL license can mean a lot to someone who needs a really well paid job. This type of license allows you to drive a truck or a combination of vehicles weighing more than 26 000 pounds.However, keep in mind that this license is

How to Get A CDL License – Class A

Truck Driver getting his CDL License

How to Get A CDL License Worrying about how to get a CDL license is normal, especially if you consider the process long and complex.Being a commercial vehicle driver has lately tuned into an interesting position within transportation companies, not only because of the vacant jobs in the field, but also