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California CDL License

California State Seal

California CDL Permit (CLP) COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE TESTING AND COMMERCIAL LEARNER’S PERMIT STANDARDS (Released 6/2015)The following federal standards for commercial driver license (CDL) knowledge and skills testing and the issuance of commercial learner’s permits (CLP) are effective July 8, 2015.1. An applicant must be 18 years of age to obtain a CLP. [Federal

Alabama CDL Test

New Alabama CDL The Alabama Commercial Motor Automobile Safety Act was enacted within the yr 1986 in order to enhance freeway security. Its goals are to make sure that drivers of Alabama Commercial Drivers vehicles are properly licensed to drive them, and likewise, to take away those who had not passed the

Arizona CDL License

State Of Arizona CDL License Test Seal

Arizona CDL License The Arizona commercial driver license (Arizona CDL License) originated from the Business Motor Car Safety Act of 1986. The act is a National act to make sure that solely certified drivers obtain and preserve a CDL and to take away dangerous and unqualified drivers from roadways.The Motor Automobile