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Truck Driver Shortage 2017

The transportation enterprise provides hundreds and hundreds of people an earning yearly. In accordance with Driver Choices, truck driving is the most popular job in 29 states. However, this enterprise stays one many essentially have forgotten about. Truck drivers are working additional miles and hauling additional freight now more than ever, partially

Trucking Alliance Pulls for Hair-Testing

Trucker by his truck.

J.B Hunt is among the many member corporations of the Trucking Alliance searching for an exemption to allow them to conduct hair-testing for pre-employment drug testing of driver applicants. Picture: DrivewyzeThe Alliance for Driver Security & Safety (a.k.a. “Trucking Alliance”) has submitted a set of detailed feedback to the Federal Motor Carrier

How to Get a Truck Drivers License

Truck Drivers License Picture

How to Get a Truck Drivers License and Open Up New Future Perspectives Would you like to know how to get a truck drivers license? Are you worried you may fail the test or spend too much money? Let’s see what options you have!Getting a truck driver license should not be