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How to Get a School Bus License

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Thinking About A School Bus License

If you think of becoming a school bus driver and you hope that this part-time job will help you gain some extra money, then you have to get a school bus license. Many of the school bus driver jobs require you to work only two hours in the morning, to pick up the children and take them to school, and two hours in the afternoon, to take them back home. The time between these hours is all yours, and you can use it as you please. You can relax, spend some time with your family, or even take care of your own business if you own one. From the beginning, you should know that you cannot get a school bus license if you have a bad driving record. Even if you made some driving mistakes six years ago, and you have been a disciplined driver ever since, you won`t be accepted. Your health condition is also very important, as you can only obtain the school bus license if you don’t:

  • have severe problems with your vision or hearing
  • consume certain substances or medication that can affect your vision while driving drink alcohol or take drugs
  • have any feet or hands disability(ies) that can stop you from operating the school bus (or any other vehicle) correctly

In order to obtain your school bus license, you first need to take some lessons. You can choose to pay for as many classes as you need and learn how to drive a bus, or you can opt for an affordable online training and less expensive classes. There are many online tests that can help you prepare to get your school bus license and that allow you to save a large amount of money at the same time. You are also free to take these tests whenever you want, wherever you want, without any time pressures. Just make sure you choose reputable companies and websites to get these online tests from. Whatever you decide, training is very important, because it will give you a chance to learn essential things, such as:

  • how to use the most important parts of the bus
  • recognizing the signs
  • what the rules and regulations that must be applied when driving a school bus are how to keep your passengers safe
  • how to be polite with your passengers
  • how to maintain the bus and all its components safe and in good condition
  • what fares you need to ask from your passengers

After you learn the theoretical part, you can move on to the practical one, which is just as, or even more important. During the actual driving lessons, you will learn about:

  • driving on heavy traffic or narrow streets
  • how to perform different maneuvers correctly
  • reversing
  • how to drive correctly and safely a bus.

The final step is to pass both the theoretical and the practical test. The written part will consist of a series of questions about driving rules and laws, road signs, etc. The practical part will test your abilities to operate a bus and execute different maneuvers such as reversing, turning, breaking, etc… At the same time, you should know that school bus drivers have to be examined periodically, in order to make sure their vision and health are good, because one of the most important duties of a school bus driver is to provide safe transportation for children. Owning a school bus license is not such a difficult task to accomplish, and it will also bring you some extra cash every month.

Kevin Hicks
Kevin Hicks has been in the CDL and Transportation industry for over 30 years. He currently provides CDL training material to trucking and bus companies around the United States.

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