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Pass Your CDL Test.

Pass Your CDL Test.

What You Need to Pass Your CDL Test.

You can never know when you need a new job or a driver’s license to be promoted on the one you already have, so it might be a wise thing to pass your CDL test.

In order to pass your CDL test, you have to go through a two stages process.

The first stage is a cdl training-exam represented by the written test. It is a general knowledge test regarding commercial vehicles, covering:

  • different classes of vehicles: A, B and C
  • passenger transport vehicles
  • air-brake vehicles and automatic brakes
  • hazardous materials transport
  • double or triple tankers

The second stage is represented by the skills test, consisting of:

  • a pre-trip vehicle test
  • a basic vehicle control test
  • an on-road test

The skills test is not difficult, but preparing for it may take a large amount of time and, possibly, a considerable amount of money for fees, books and training.

It is therefore safe to conclude that, in order to pass your CDL test, you have to invest interest and resources.

Once you order or download the books and practice tests, you can study all by yourself or you can pay for lessons in a driving school. The sum reaches approximately 250 $ for the theoretical part, the final amount being established by the school you study with.

But you can consider yourself prepared to pass the CDL test only after you take actual driving lessons. The lessons may take from a couple of weeks to a month, but should not sum up more than 20 or 40 hours of driving. You must choose the school carefully, not only based on the fees, somewhere between 1000 and 3000 $, but also based on reputation and references.

All driving schools divide the learning process in class-room training and vehicle maneuvering training. The latter consists of:

  • training on doing a straight backup.
  • doing a backup from a 45 degree angle.
  • changing lanes while backing up.
  • parallel parking.
  • Road training lessons are also included, and they usually consist of:
  • gears shifting;
  • turns.
  • highway driving.
  • dealing with road hazards and unexpected situations.

Of course, during these lessons you will learn a lot about the legislation in the field and your state’s particularities. Some of the regulations are related to: road speed, local speed limits, mandatory distance between two vehicles, mandatory hours of sleep and rest for drivers, vehicles dimensions, nature of the materials transported, papers regarding the origin and the destination of the merchandise transported, etc.

All this information may be found in the subject of the questions for the theory test, so you may want to pay attention and only present yourself at a DMV centre when you are 100 % ready to pass the CDL test.

The actual test will cost you around 40 dollars, money that you have to pay before taking the test. In order to actually pass the test, it is mandatory to answer correctly at least 80 % of the questions. If that does not happen, it means you failed the test and you have to keep on studying and try again, on some other occasion.

That is why, it is very important that you prepare tremendously from the beginning. Each failure means wasting time, money and effort you could put to a better use. It is not difficult to pass the CDL test, it just takes work, concentration and commitment, but if you meet these requirements, there is no doubt you will succeed on your first attempt.

Kevin Hicks
Kevin Hicks has been in the CDL and Transportation industry for over 30 years. He currently provides CDL training material to trucking and bus companies around the United States.

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